Episode 9 : Surprisingly Brief

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Added on Wed, 06 Feb 2008 00:30:26 +0100.
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The shortest month; Our shortest podcast so far. Oh! The synergy!

This time round we talk about, in somewhat more robust language than usual, We Own The Night, family drama slash police procedural that never struggles above mediocre despite the good intentions of all involved.

Charlie Wilson's War, a somewhat aimless exploration of the Texan congressman's involvement in cloak and dagger funding of the Afgan - Soviet War. On odd mix of light-hearted romp and harrowing war flick, it's not one that earns much love from these quarters even if it does have Phil Hoffman in it.

The Kite Runner provides more worthy fare, albeit still one we can't quite see what's so Oscar buzzworthy. Another tale of Afganistan, this time told from the perspective of a small boy before the Sovs roll in and from later in his life when he must return to the Taleban infested nightmare after the Sovs roll out. The disparate strands of the tale don't really serve to involve an audience, I reckon, regardless of whether that's the intent or not, but still one of the better films of the past few months.

Last up, Dan In Real Life, with the excellent Steve Carell and the excellent Juliette Binoche in an excellent film. A lovely, balanced rom-com-o-drama that might not be doing anything new but does it better than any other in recent times. Deeply funny and often touching, this, as far as we're concerned, is an early candidate for best film of 2k8. Watch it.

In an attempt to bulk this up a little, you've also got the Scott guy wittering on about King of Kong, the somewhat dull tale of Donkey Kong high scores (!) and a short, painful, musical interlude. Consider yourself warned.

And I'm not joking about the explicit tag on this podcast this time, there's some rather fruity language so consider yourself further warned.