Episode 72 : OAP Action Vehicles

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Added on Sun, 29 Aug 2010 07:48:05 -0700.
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Howdy, peeps! The gang's all back for a run-down on an ultimately disappointing collection of movies. Boo! But at least we get to give Salt a good kicking. Also targets of the vitriol cannon are The Expendables and The Human Centipede, with the perfectly acceptable Knight and Day being taken out as collateral damage.

Knight and Day sees Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz chimp around in this rom-com cum spy caper. The tongues are firmly in cheek with this film, which lets it get away with an awful lot of pretty cheesy scriptwriting and action set pieces. Could have easily been insufferable, but it hits its tone perfectly and above average performances and direction make this worth a look in.

More spy capers with Angelina Jolie in Salt, which is unusual in that it is handled in every respect as if it is a serious work of dramatic fiction, rather than a loose coalition of the dumbest ideas ever committed to celluloid. With a plot and character motivations that make no sense on initial inspection and even less sense on further pondering, there's nothing good at all about Salt.

The Expendables ought to be a balls to the wall action flick that harkens back to the eighties, but in the main it's just a balls action film. Sly Stallone leads a cast of dozens, but there's too little attention spread amongst too many participants for this to be other than a very occasionally violent distraction from life.

The Human Centipede really does not bear thinking about, or any further discussion. It's horrible and should not exist.

That is all for now. We'll be back sometime soon, so until then keep your nose clean and if you can't be good, be lucky.