Episode 64 : Tank Story

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Added on Sun, 06 Jun 2010 14:28:27 -0700.
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An unusual, or at least far greater than usual, air of levity settles on the virtual broadcast studios of theOneliner.com as we turn our attention to Lebanon, Cop Out and Fish Story. The question? Are any of these films worth your time and money? The answer? Well, tune in to find out.

Lebanon sees an Israeli tank crew trundling their vee-hickle into Lebanon during the first Lebanon War, and making a bit of a meal of it. Diving straight into the action and showing the full-on horrors of war, characterisation is given a bit of a body-swerve until too late in the film for it to make a difference. While it's a well put together film, there's nothing at all new or insightful in here to make it worth your while.

Kevin Smith's Cop Out has been receiving some terrible notices. This, as it turns out, is because it is pretty dreadful. Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan take the lead in a buddy-cop movie homage / pastiche that falls flat on pretty much every front that doesn't have Seann William Scott propping it up. Bottom line - simply not funny. Avoid.

Fulfilling today's whacko quotient is the Japanese film Fish Story, which takes some loosely linked story strands across decades and ties them together, sort of, with the music of a obscure trailblazing Japanese punk act. While there's nothing in here in terms of narrative, structure, direction or performance that's much above average, the sum of these parts winds up to be a fairly charming and likeable film. Albeit one that's about half an hour too long.

That is all for now. We'll be back sometime soon, so until then keep your nose clean and if you can't be good, be lucky.