Episode 62 : Forever Blowing Bubbles

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Added on Sat, 15 May 2010 11:23:58 -0700.
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Your genial hosts return for a sideways glance at the delights of Iron Man 2, Four Lions, The Disappearance of Alice Creed and The Sky Crawlers. Well, two of them do, at least. We might be a man down, but that's not going to stop us spouting out opinions like a broken opinion hydrant, whatever that is.

Iron Man 2 pretty much gets the standard issue, cliched, but no less true sequel review. Which is to say, a lot like the first one, but not quite as good. A bit lacking in the action department for an action film, but a trio of engaging central performances from Robert Downey Jr., Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke gives this film enough to coast on.

Chris Morris returns with the excellent Four Lions, the funniest film about suicide bombing you'll ever see. Following an inept terrorist cell's attempts to, well, do anything competently, it's a mixture of cutting satire and absurdism that's as funny a film as you're going to see this year.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed is certainly one of the more minimal dramas you'll see, with a grand total of three characters and about as many locations, but it's all the stronger because of it. The tale of two kidnappers and their kidnappee, the various interpersonal revelations and blistering performances, particularly from Eddie Marsan, make this an enthralling watch.

The Sky Crawlers sees Mamoru Oshii return to his favourite questions of what it means to be human in this terrifically thought-provoking piece. Nominally a tale of a young pilot fighting in a war of questionable origin and intent, but there's almost no exposition whatsoever and we're left to absorb the world these characters live in from hints and inference. For a two hour film it's distinctly underplotted, but somehow that adds to the charm of piece, giving its weighty concepts room to breathe. We love this film, although it's certainly not going to float everyone's boat.

That is all for now. We'll be back sometime soon, so until then keep your nose clean and if you can't be good, be lucky.