Episode 41 : EIFF 2009 Podcast Episode 02

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Added on Sat, 20 Jun 2009 16:56:19 -0700.
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Hey, check it out! More coverage from the EIFF! This time around we're looking at Follow the Master, Exam, The Architect, Moon, and Goodbye, How Are You?. Allow Scott and Drew to fill you in on the merits or otherwise of these film-me-dos.

Follow the Master appears to be half travelogue, half comedy, all pish.

Serb outing Goodbye, How Are You? (shown with the EIFF by the affecting, interesting and harrowing Why I Don't Speak Serbian) sees a series of witty aphorisms overlaid onto news footage of the Serbian conflicts and scenes from the still troubled country. Billed as a satirical documentary fairy tale, it's surprisingly not far off that goal and often very funny indeed, despite the occasional harrowing image. Very enjoyable. The website at Dribbling Pictures has the first five minutes available for you over there.

Exam is a thriller (note: not horror, EIFF guide) based around a particularly unusual application procedure in a dystopian future.

The Architect sees a gentleman return home with his family after the death of his mother. At this point, uncomfortable revelations about his past and his family start all manner of tensions in motion. While there's no obvious pint or message, the sheer oddness of the characters and constant atmosphere of something horribly inappropriate about to happen make this a fascinating, if not in any traditional sense great film.

Moon sees Sam Rockwell on the moon, mining for fuel accompanied only by a Kevin Spacey-voiced computer. Driven somewhat stir crazy by the isolation, it's a one way ticket to hallucinationsville for him. Very good sci-fi.

We'll be back shortly, peeps. Keep it real.