Episode 37 : A Shambles

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Added on Sun, 10 May 2009 08:21:52 -0700.
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It's time for another one of these there podcast things and stuff. We cover X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Uninvited, State of Play, Outlander and Observe and Report. It'll be a hoot, we promise. Just the one hoot, mind. Do not listen expecting multiple hoots.

Wolverine is, well, decent, kinda. It's a perfectly competent action outing and scratches a few itches that fans of the comics may have had (I'm looking at you, Gambit), but there's not a great deal more to it than that. While earlier entries in the series had some attempt at social commentary, this is action simply for action's sake. Nothing wrong with that, to be honest, but it does give it the feel of a film searching for a point.

The Uninvited is a horror film. Any further attempt at review is redundant. Seemingly a remake of A Tale of Two Sisters, a film I claim to have never seen during recording but on reflection may have just entirely forgotten, it's poorly realised, poorly acted hysterics that provides another forgettable, tedious entry in the growing category of forgettable, tedious horror films. Worse than the rest clogging the tubes at the minute? Maybe not, but that's a bar set so low that you have to dig a hole for it.

State of Play jumps from the small screen to the big screen, and it's pretty successful in its portrayal of governmental and big-business conspiracies and murders. If there's a fault it certainly not with the acting or direction, but there's perhaps a shade too much stuff going on towards the end, giving it a somewhat crammed feeling. It's nothing like enough to ruin a very good thriller, however, and comes highly recommended.

Outlander tells the common, everyday story of a humanoid alien who crash-lands amongst a bunch of Vikings, carrying with him a massive, scary, dragony alien that they must gang together and defeat. Frankly, a far more enjoyable film than the stupid premise would imply, although there's no real need for all of these science fiction trimmings. An enjoyable slice of hunting action. With bonus aliens.

Observe and Report sees Seth Rogen take up the role of a somewhat off-kilter security guard charged with taking down a mall flasher. Going to dark, weird, downright creepy places that no comedy, black or otherwise should be going, the fact that it remains funny throughout is remarkable and laudable.

That's your lot for now. We will return, which you can take as either a threat or a promise.