Episode 3 : My Feet Are Annoying Me

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Added on Fri, 09 Nov 2007 21:51:47 +0100.
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Another podcast, another top ten rundown. Bring the noise!

The top ten rundown for Oct 26-Oct 28, 2007, from the UK Film Council.

At 10, Sicko, Michael Moore's take on US health policy and insurance. Completely irrelevant to us Red Commie Europeans already sold on the idea of nationalised health care systems and hence somewhat dull.

At 9, Dark is Rising. Bog standard coming of age fantasy nonsense that at best reaches mediocre and mostly doesn't make it that far.

At 8, Run, Fat Boy, Run, still. For such a middle of the road film, it's longevity is somewhat surprising.

At 7, Resident Evil 3, the astonishingly awful latest in the astonishingly awful series.

At 6, The Heartbreak Kid, a roundly mediocre Farrelly Brothers / Ben Stiller outing that shows a unwise reliance on 'old people swearing' as a comedy mechanism. Not completely worthless, but not worth seeking out.

At 5, Rendition. An execrable and exceedingly dull 'issue' movie that's about a tenth as relevant and intelligent as it thinks it is.

At 4, Eastern Promises. Cronenberg pulls another fantastic, taut thriller with moments of genuinely upsetting violence. Highly recommended.

At 3, Stardust. A lovely, imaginative fantasy with many lovely, deeply amusing moments. Arguably a little over-long and rough round the edges, but all in all a rather charming outing,

At 2, Saw 4. The downward spiral of the series continues. A detestable piece of filth that's so wretched it makes every other film a little worse by its mere existence.

At 1, Ratatouille. Pixar by numbers, which isn't as bad as it sounds given Pixar's talent.

We hope to be back next week with some more in-depth reviews of some perhaps lesser known films before running through the top ten a fortnight from now. Please forward any questions or comments to podcast@theoneliner.com