Episode 2 : The Most Hideous Time of the Year

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Added on Mon, 29 Oct 2007 00:04:21 +0100.
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It's that harrowing time of the year again, when pumpkins are suddenly granted prime place in supermarket isles and horror films come out to play. Sadly. Our top ten run-down is accompanied by a look at the current chillers making a bloody mess in cinemas right about now.

The top ten rundown for Oct 12-Oct 14, 2007, from the UK Film Council.

At 10, The Invasion, the distinctly underwhelming remake. Man, we're using that phrase an awful lot lately.

At 9, Black Sheep, which we discuss later.

At 8, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, which we'll politely skip over if that's all the same to you.

At 7, Bhool Bhulaiya, for which we politely refer you to the preceding answer.

At 6, Atonement, for which we politely refer you to the preceding answer.

At 5, Run, Fat Boy, Run. It's a perfectly acceptable Simon Pegg vehicle, although roughly as memorable as a cheese sandwich.

At 4, The Kingdom. A pretty decent police procedural cum action flick, although its pretence at sociopolitical competence is somewhat jarring.

At 3, The Heartbreak Kid. Due to a little known religious issue, we cannot watch this film. Our apologies.

At 2, Resident Evil 3. We'll suffer through this a little later.

At 1, Ratatouille. Pixar by numbers, which isn't as bad as it sounds given Pixar's talent.

On to the rotting meat of the meal, the horrorshow.

Resident Evil 3. In short, it's not any good whatsoever.

Black Sheep. In short, it's a little bit good, but hardly extraordinary.

Halloween. Rob Zombie exhumes the crusty body of Carpenter's film, which we didn't think all that much of back then and think even less of now.

Well, that's quite enough of that. Please forward any questions or comments to podcast@theoneliner.com