Episode 11 : Abandoning Your Boy For Beginners

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Added on Fri, 28 Mar 2008 22:00:34 +0100.
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Apologies for the delay, but we are back in full effect. Well, some effect, at least.

Lots to talk about, some good, some bad.

Teen preggo drama Juno turns out to be pretty darn good, once it gets over its fascination with teen slang. A comedy drama with a heart, although in our opinion it might not be quite with of its Oscar buzz, it's a pretty darn good flick.

Jumper utterly sucks and should be avoided at all costs.

Laboured attempts at political relevance aside, Rambo turns out to be an entertainingly over the top violence-fest of hitherto unseen proportions. Crazy stuff.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets utterly sucks and should be avoided at all costs.

Lahhhndaaaannn based heist film The Bank Job turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable. Jason Statham and his crew take on, well, a bank job. Obviously.

The Cottage utterly sucks and should be avoided at all costs.

Semi Pro is a halfway decent comedy, but it suffers massively from being, or at least seeming, like it's been retrofitted as a Will Ferrell vehicle rather than a custom built silliness machine.

Be Kind, Rewind brings the whimsy, and also a hell of a lot of soul in a story that's not the out and out riotous comedy that its trailer makes it out to be, but it's a lovely little film that's almost a homage to cinema's glory days.

There Will Be Blood is so totally awesome that it's not possible to put its awesomeness into a mere one paragraph. Listen to our podcast for more ranting about how super-incredible this movie is.

While the schedule of upcoming movies looks pretty darn dismal, we'll see what we can sort out for next time.