Episode 1 : A Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

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Added on Sun, 30 Sep 2007 21:30:25 +0200.
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Our first podcast means we have a lot to talk about. We run through the current top ten, at the time of recording that's for the weekend of 31st August to 2nd September from the U.K. Film Council website.

At 10, Death Sentence. Which we haven't seen, or particularly care to.

At 9, Bratz: The Movie. While we've not seen this, we've never let that get in the way of an opinion before.

At 8, Transformers. Conflict! Scott and Drew like it for the reasons explained in this review, Craig doesn't for his own reasons , whatever they may be.

At 7, the disappointingly staid Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Reviewed here, while it's competent it essentially misses the entire point of the book as far as we're concerned.

At 6, No Reservations. We invoke the 'Catherine Zeta Jones ruling', which states that if a film contains Catherine Zeta Jones it doesn't have to be seen to be declared mediocre-to-poor.

At 5, Rush Hour 3, reviewed in full over yonder. Opinions vary on which side of the average fence this one falls, but on balance it's not an interesting enough film to get worked up over.

At 4, The Simpsons Movie, in which our boundless love for the yellow people continues.

At 3, dismal horror 1408, which thanks to John Cusak's presence is a little better than the rest of the dismal horrors released lately, but is still a dismal horror. Also featuring a bemoaning of Cusak's downward career trajectory.

At 2, Knocked Up, a excellent comedy from the 40 Year Old Virgin stable that's pretty much as good. Funny and often charming, and highly recommended.

At 1, The Bourne Ultimatum, positively reviewed already and we all pretty much agree that it's spiffy.

An extra bonus review of Hallam Foe, latest Brit Indie hopeful starring Jamie Bell as a disturbed kid coming to terms with the death of his mother by stalking someone who looks like her. Weird, creepy, but sadly not particularly engaging on any level whatsoever.

That's quite enough for one episode. We'll probably settle into a format where we take more detailed looks at two films or so per show and be able to blast through the top ten quicksmart.