Spider-Man 2

# Spider-Man, Spider-Man, went to the fridge and ate a flan #

Released in 2004, certified UK-PG. Reviewed on 26 Jul 2004 by Craig Eastman
Spiderman 2 image

Well, I had gotten halfway through a monstrous review of this the other day and became somehwat stuck. The problem, I now realise, is that the majority of what has to be said already exists in my review of Spider-Man. So to that end, I give you my Shortest Review Ever™.

Spidey dukes it out with Doctor Octopus who is a Bad Man. M.J. finally discovers Parker's alternate identity but is a bit frustrated that he won't now put it out. If you liked the first one then this is just as good. If you didn't like the first one don't bother; this is just as good. Job's a good-un', roll on part three. Now, where'd I put that chocolate biscuit?

5 out of 5

Sam Raimi
Cast list:
Everyone who was in it last time (Same characters)
Everyone who wasn't in it last time (New characters)