Thursday Edition, 20th June 2013

Remember, fact times importance equals news, and this? This is the news.

The saddest film-related news of the week must be the death of James Gandolfini, star of The Sopranos, In The Loop, True Romance and a bunch of other great works. Not a bad body of work at all for someone coming late to the acting game. He will be missed.

Back in the usual Hollywood world of nonsense, we find that not only has Ryan Reynolds quit a Highlander reboot, but also that studios have been planning a Highlander reboot. I appreciate the Queen theme tune as much as any sane person, but surely this is one franchise best left withered and dead?

I hope no-one was really looking forward to the Sin City sequel, what with it requiring a persistent on-line connection and forcing a needless and unwanted multi-player aspect. What? Sim City. Oh. Then what’s happening to Sin City : A Dame To Kill For? Delayed for the best part of a year? Well, I’ll be damned.

Today’s edition of headline questions with short answers. Is World War Z too smart for its own good? No. It’s about zombies. It’s not in the same postcode as “smart”.

David Goyer’s been sharing his thoughts on how he sees the DC/Warner Bros tie-ups going, with the box-office success and partial critical success of Man Of Steel being used to re-imagine and re-boot the film versions of the DC Universe. Unfortunate for the excellent Batman films, not so much for The Green Lantern. Although, I’m not sure I see a real difference between this and what Marvel did, let alone it being “the opposite direction”.

If there’s any indie filmmakers out there looking to secure a big name soundtrack for no money, looks like Moby may have a solution for you. Of course, being Moby presumably all of the tracks have previously featured on bog roll adverts or something similarly thematically dissonant.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I sat in front of the high frame rate version of The Hobbit and thought, this is good, yes, but what I really want is more frames per second. Like, way more. Like, more than you eyebraincombo can process, or any cinema equipment can show. 120 frames per second? You, Douglas Trumbull, are talking my language, and that language is fucking insane.

Twelve Years A Slave is already being spoken about an awards contender, which seems particularly premature given that we’ve not seen so much as a trailer from the damn thing. However we do now, at least, have a set of photos to whet our appetites from Steve McQueen’s latest, which is better than nothing, I guess.

Out of the Furnace, billed as a revenge thriller starring Christian Bale and Casey Affleck sounds pretty good, however its U.S.A. release has been bumped back a month to November, which means on the correct side of the Atlantic we can expect a release somewhere around May 2014, if past is prologue.

As game series go, I rather feel Bioshock gets more respect than it truly deserves. I like the story well enough, but the mechanics of the games are often quite mundane. That being the case, even though it’s yet another rebootmakening, I’m interested to see what Bioshock writer Ken Levine makes of a new version of Logan’s Run.

Iron Man 3 sails past the global $1.2 billion mark, which I can’t help but Marvel at. Arf. I hope it’s made back it’s no-doubt ludicrous marketing budget, because I’d very much like to see Shane Black’s direction applied to another sequel (or character, for that matter). Relatedly, turns out much of the question marks over the future of Robert Downey Junior in the role were rather overblown.

Adam Sandler and Chris Columbus – together at last! Well, it’s always good to have another contender for “worst movie ever”, so I heartily welcome this “comedy” about a suicidal man being bothered by ghosts. What could go right?

There’s something weird about this Indiewire headline A “woman director” sounds totally mental. Is there any reason you wouldn’t use “female” in that sentence? Either my grammar/political correctness radar is malfunctioning, or theirs is. Anyway, yes, Fifty Shades of Grey will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, designation human/female/woman, tasked with taking what I understand to be a Dulux colour sampler book to the big screen.

In today’s “Shitcanned Corner”, not only has Shailene Woodley been booted from The Totes Amazeballs Spider-man 2: Mission to Moscow, but the entire character of Mary Jane Watson has been flushed down the toilet. I’m getting a little worried about the Spider-man films now, they do seem to be improvising rather than planning just now. Not a great way to build a franchise.

I suppose there is a slim chance that anyone reading this hasn’t subscribed to updates from the Criterion Current and may have missed this piece on Marketa Lazarova. You’re probably thinking, as I was, “what’s Marketa Lazarova?” and perhaps, “why should I care?”, but that’s why you visit that site – to find out about cool-sounding things you have no idea existed.

As usual, we sign off with some light trailer viewing to tide you over until Monday.

  • Free Birds, with Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson voicing, obviously, time-travelling turkeys.
  • Lego: The Movie, which I promise you is real and I’m not taking the piss.
  • Anchorman 2, the hopefully hilarious Will Ferrell outing.
  • R.I.P.D, which I’m really only behind due to the acronym/pun title
  • The World’s End, yes, again, because there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

Catch you lot on the flipside.

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