Monday Edition, 24th June 2013

Seems like, puzzlingly, Jim Carrey’s taking a deal of flak for changing his mind on violence in films, referring to Kick-Ass 2 in this instance. My mind, it boggles.

I don’t think I’d heard about the first Bad Ass, let alone a sequel in which Danny Glover is too old for this shit, but both sound awesome.

Turns out working for free isn’t legal. Something to do with slavery, I think.

I would actually quite like to see more of the World War Z movie, as despite its troubled creation it turned out to be better than average, albeit not mind-blowing. But there’s certainly ground left untilled.

The main takeaway from the Guardian interview with Jason Statham is in the sub-header, where apparently he “laughs like an oversexed goose”, which begs a great many questions.

Got forty minutes to spare? You could do worse than listen to Sam Mendes and Paul Greengrass chattin’ ’bout films an dat.

Dwayne Johnson in Terminator 5? Well, why not. Worth a try, although I think this one’s been killed too completely for Mr. Franchise Viagra.

Here’s Mike Figgis giving his tuppence worth on what’s wrong with the British film industry. Or what remains of it.

Seems that in his latter years, a Arnie’s looking to expand his range a little by signing up for Maggie, seemingly a touching family drama about a father and his zombified daughter.

There’s a bunch of other casting news knocking around, but given that it’s all subject to change and that I’m super-tired, I’m going to skip it and leave you with a voluminous list of trailers and such as compensation.

  • The Wind Rises, the latest Hayao Miyazaki film.
  • Willow Creek, Bobcat Goldthwait goes looking for Bigfoot.
  • Adore, with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright.
  • Empire State, as Dwayne Johnson explores straight-to-DVD territory.
  • Jobs, with Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.
  • The Colony, Laurence Fishburne’s Cannibal Thriller
  • RED 2, with the CIA OAP’s back for more mayhem.
  • The Zero Theorem, with Terry Gilliam directing Christoph Waltz in a sci-fi oddity.

Catch y’all on Thursday.

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